Incident & Injury Free
Take 5 for IIF

Take 5 for IIF  
To ensure that our working environment is always incident and injury free, we follow 5 key steps before embarking on any task:
  • Step 1: Stop and Look
    Before beginning each task, we must first pause and observe whether ourselves and our tools are adequately prepared. We must ensure that we are fully equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), the working conditions does not contain any hazards or risks, and the equipment and tools to be used are checked and in good condition.
  • Step 2: Think Through the Task
    It is important to think through each task before approaching it, and to analyze and quantify the various steps involved from start to end. Note that each task will require different processes, and that some can be finished in a few steps whereas some may take over ten. Enumerating the task in detail will give us a clear and concise picture of the task, enabling us to evaluate it.
  • Step 3: Identify Hazards and Reliability Threats
    Once we have understood the task we have to perform, we can proceed to identify the potential hazards, unexpected incidents and reliability threats that might occur within each process related to our task.
  • Step 4: Control and Communicate

    After potential hazards or means to boost reliability have been identified, the next step is setting up measures to control the hazardous situation or remove the hazard completely, increasing reliability in the work process. Consequently, it is essential that we initiate and maintain effective communication with all team members, to ensure that everyone has the same understanding.

  • Step 5: Do It Incident and Injury Free or Not At All
    We believe in executing a task only when we are sure that it is Incident and Injury Free. With every task, we believe that ‘there is always time to do it right’. Therefore, whenever our employees are not sure whether a task is Incident and Injury Free, we encourage them to stop the task and discuss it before proceeding.
The Hazard Wheel
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