Incident & Injury free
Incident and Injury-Free®

In April 2005, SPRC launched the 'Incident and Injury Free (IIF)' initiative. We are proud to say that through IIF, we have succeeded in creating an organizational culture and environment that is synonymous with world-class safety, reliability and performance.

For us, IIF is more than just a concept or an idea, it is a way of life. Through IIF, we are committed to ensuring the safety of ourselves, of others, and of the environment. We believe that safety is a right, and we are committed to ensuring that our employees return safely to their families every day, and that the IIF culture permeates not just our work lives but our personal lives as well.

Through IIF, our vision is to:

  • maintain a happy and healthy SPRC family that is passionately committed to an Incident and Injury Free culture
  • cultivate a culture of care, respect, responsibility and accountability
  • spread the IIF culture beyond our company into the wider community

To achieve and sustain an Incident and Injury Free workplace, our focus is on both 'Personal Safety' - eliminating personal safety and health hazards to prevent injuries and illness - and 'Process Safety' - managing the integrity of operating systems, processes and equipment. We strive to ensure personal and process safety through the application of good design, engineering, operating and maintenance practices; all in an effort to prevent and control incidents that have the potential to release hazardous materials or energy.

Under the IIF Umbrella, our Process Safety Vision is:

We are a caring, mindful and disciplined Family committed to always creating and maintaining safe and reliable people, process and equipment to achieve an incident and injury free operation.

Our family is recognized by communities we touch and in which we operate as the leader in process safety

IIF/Process Safety Management (PSM) Journey

  • One Happy Family have passionately created the incident and injury free (IIF) journey with the environment of Care and Respect

  • Everyone is engaged and inspired to have IIF as his or her personal aspiration acting like IIF Star

  • We build and utilize Relationships to extend IIF Culture and Improve Lives

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