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A Word of introduction
Mr. Steve Lewis Gibson
Mr. Steve Lewis Gibson
Deputy CEO - Operations

Sawasdee-krub. Hi, I’m Steve Gibson. I’m in charge of operations. Welcome to the SPRC family.

In April 2005, we launched incident and injury free initiative, called IIF. I’m proud to say that we’ve created an organizational culture and environment that promotes world class safety, reliability, and performance. The objective is to ensure both personal and process safety.

In terms of personal safety, we do everything we can to make sure all staff and all contractors go home safely to their families each and every day. For a process safety perspective, the focus is on good design, good engineering, training, operation procedures, to make sure we prevent any uncontrolled release from our facilities.

SPRC is a complex catalytic cracking refinery located in the Rayong province with a throughput of approximately 165,000 barrels a day. We were able to buy a wide range of cheaper crudes and convert them into value-added products, such as LPG, gasoline, jet, and diesel. We also have the strategic advantage of being located with close proximity to some of Thailand’s petrochemical companies with good port, road, and pipeline facilities.

The foundation of good performance is having a good refinery management system. This management system ensures that we have businesses that are fit to purpose that are monitored and continuously improved to help us achieve sustained superior performance. We also routinely measure a lot of key performance indicators. We also participate in the Solomon Associates surveys every two years which benchmarks our performance.

In SPRC, we have a strong technical services agreement with our majority shareholder Chevron. Through this technical service agreement and with the focus of our employees, we maintain first quartile performance in both utilization and availability.

At SPRC, a sustainable development program is our commitment to ensure we have all activities positively contributing towards the people, planet, and profit. In 2012, a clean fuel project ensures that we now produce euro-4 compliant gasoline and diesel.

I hope you’ll find the operations part of this website useful. Thank you.