Operational Excellence
Operational Excellence

SPRC's Belief on Operational Excellence

"We believe in SAFE and RELIABLE operations in harmony with our COMMUNITIES and the ENVIRONMENT"

Operational Excellence is the systematic management of Quality, Environment, Health of our Employees, Safety, Security, Reliability, Efficiency and Process Safety within SPRC. Operational Excellence is controlled through the Refinery Management System (RMS).

The RMS is the management system structure by which SPRC's business processes are integrally specified and managed to achieve superior performance and ensure SPRC's business processes are fit for purpose, sustained and continuously improved. The SPRC RMS comprises of Administration MS, the Asset MS, the Hydrocarbon MS and the EHS MS.

The key performance indicators are currently Recordable Injuries, Incidents with an Environmental Impact, Energy Intensity Index (EII), Operational Availability (OA), Costs of Operation, Process Utilized Equivalent Distillation Capacity (UEDC), Operational Lost Profit Opportunity (LPO), Maintenance Index (MI) and Personnel Index (PI).

Tenets of Operation

Do it safely or not at all.
There is always time to do it right.

1. Always operate within design and environmental limits.
2. Always operate in a safe and controlled condition.
3. Always ensure safety devices are in place and functioning.
4. Always follow safe work practices and procedures.
5. Always meet or exceed customers’ requirements.
6. Always maintain integrity of dedicated systems.
7. Always comply with all applicable rules and regulations.
8. Always address abnormal conditions.
9. Always follow written procedures for high-risk or unusual situations.
10. Always involve the right people in decisions that affect procedures and equipment.