Refinery management system
Asset Management System

With the Asset Management System (AsMS), we ensure that SPRC's mechanical assets are built and maintained according to company and international standards, and in compliance with Thai Laws and regulations. We ensure that an effective system is in place to record equipment inspection history and to monitor any degradation of the assets using a risk-based inspection and condition monitoring program focused on critical processes and equipment. In this way, we maintain the integrity of the refinery in an honest, auditable way. Because we understand most causes of degradation in refineries, we can implement controls during design and operation, and undertake effective pro-active tasks (inspection, maintenance, testing and condition- monitoring) to reduce the likelihood of unexpected failures or leaks.

Our AsMS has extensive procedures and work instructions based on best practices within the industry, and are regularly reviewed and improved. We have an Integrity & Reliability Department that is staffed by engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in inspection, materials and corrosion and rotating equipment, many with internationally recognized qualifications such as the API certification. There are also younger engineers and others from different disciplines with whom we share our professional engineering skills, knowledge, standards and technology to ensure that we deliver best practices and fit-for-purpose engineering solutions throughout the organization.