Our refinery

The strategic location of our refinery provides proximity to key transportation options including a multi-product pipeline, trucks, coastal vessels, and a single point mooring; and major demand centers, which lowers transportation costs and provides several supply and distribution advantages. Many of our petrochemical feedstock customers are also located in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, providing us with effective methods for managing costs associated with delivery of products to these customers.

Distribution   Distribution

We have a marine terminal with two piers to distribute products throughout Thailand and export markets. We also operate a truck loading terminal for our offtakers to facilitate the distribution of our petroleum products to the southeast and northeast of Thailand, within Rayong province and to the Indo-China export market, including Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Our refinery has a total of 71 storage tanks and facilities to enable us to store feedstocks after delivery and before processing, products before delivery, and certain intermediate processing streams. We have nominal crude oil storage capacity of approximately 4.9 million barrels, representing up to 29 days’ supply of crude oil.