• CSR, Environment and Safety CSR, Environment and Safety
    CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2016, granted by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), Ministry of Industry, in recognition of SPRC who has shown continuous commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in seven major criteria: organization governance, human rights, labor practice, the environment, fair operating practice, consumer issues, community involvement and development. “Gold Star – White Flag” Awards for 3 consecutive years, in the recognition of having received the Green Star – White Flag for 6 consecutive years, since 2008 – 2013, 2009 – 2014 and 2010 - 2015
  • CSR, Environment and Safety
    “Green Star – White Flag” Awards for 8 consecutive years for the Environment and Safety Good Governance by IEAT for sustained excellent environmental, safety management systems and compliance as well as active corporate social responsibility programs since 2008 – 2015