The Chevron connection
The Chevron connection

Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies involved in every aspect of the energy industry from exploration for oil and natural gas to refining and marketing of high quality transportation fuels and lubricants.

Chevron has extensive global production facilities and refinery facilities as well as achieves world class performance through a framework of vision, values and strategies known as the "Chevron Way"

The "Chevron Way" is distinguished by its core values of Integrity, Trust, Partnership, Diversity, Ingenuity, Protecting People and the Environment – and High Performance. All of these principles are also core to SPRC's philosophy.

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The Chevron connection brings many benefits to SPRC including:
  • Access to their Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) which is comprehensive and systematic management of process safety, personal safety & health, the environment, reliability and efficiency
  • Global Crude trading organization with bargaining power for crude purchases
  • A well-established network of crude oil sources
  • Product off-take contracts
  • Sourcing other refinery materials under Chevron master supply agreements
  • Access to proprietary technology and research
  • Refinery optimization expertise
  • Best practice systems and process management concerning decision analysis, project development and execution, governance and safety