Corporate governance
Corporate governance
Boonyost Limsukhon

At SPRC, corporate governance compliance is deeply embedded in our corporate culture and our approach to engaging with stakeholders. Indeed, a large part of our success as an organization is dependent on our reputation for transparency, honesty and fair dealing and is firmly rooted in the integrity of our management, staff, agents and representatives.

Our corporate governance practices, as detailed in our Business Conduct handbook and Corporate Governance Policy, set forth the expectations we have for ourselves and for our stakeholders to conduct business in a manner that is proper, ethical, and geared towards building long-term value.

We have structured our practices to meet international standards and receive support from our Board of Directors and subcommittees, to ensure adherence to corporate governance practices in all aspects, including:

  • Establishment of business conduct principles
  • Maintenance of up-to-date financial information and internal control policies
  • Continuous use of internal and external auditors
  • Use of increasingly stringent and innovative auditing systems
  • Conduct of periodic environmental, fire, safety and health audits, reviews and inspections
  • Encouragement of information disclosure among staff who may have a conflict of interest and confidential lines of communication

It is in this spirit that we established the position of Corporate Compliance Officer to support our corporate governance programs. The Corporate Compliance Officer is responsible for consistently implementing and updating our best practice corporate compliance systems. This Officer also ensures that appropriate disciplinary action is taken against violators of the compliance program and that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent violations from re-occurring.

Furthermore, SPRC respects and complies with the letter as well as the spirit of all applicable Thai and American laws and regulations. With our implementation of not only corporate governance, but also fair and transparent treatment of stakeholders, we are confident in our ability to maximize customer satisfaction and optimize returns to shareholders; all while living happily and sustainably, in harmony with our community and the environment.