Our people
Recognition programs

SPRC emphasizes a culture of recognition of outstanding performance by our people. High performance individuals serve as role models for the SPRC family, inspiring others to generate positive impact on the organization.

We reward our people through the transparent multi-dimensional 'SPIRIT Recognition Scheme' with six categories - Behavior, People Injury Avoidance, Asset Loss Avoidance/Financial Savings or Gain, Environment Impact Avoidance, Reputation Impact Avoidance and Customer Impact Avoidance. Upon receipt of a 'Proposal for Recognition' form from any member of the SPRC family, the Recognition Committee shall evaluate and determine, if applicable, the level of recognition based on pre-set criteria.

Recognition programs

Apart from our formal recognition program, we also promote a culture of recognition through our 'Have you thanked anyone today?' campaign - a simple, yet powerful, tool that encourages our people to thank each other for their contribution, however big or small, to the company. This campaign has successfully raised the morale of our people and created a healthy working environment.

Our recognition programs have created highly engaged, highly motivated and innovative our people who have a passion for their work. They take a pro-active approach to problem solving, resulting in stronger efficiencies within the organization.