Strategy and core values
Our core values
Anupharb Phongsanusorn

We put our heads and our hearts into everything we do.

We aspire to be the guiding 'Star' of the Asian energy sector: a pacesetter and a beacon of best practice. We reach for the 'Star' through our core values of Caring, Reliable and Professional.


Star   Leader / Outstanding / Role model
  We aim to 'be the best' with outstanding performance and best practice in all areas: a role model for the Asian energy sector. We are never satisfied, and always strive to improve.
Professional   Integrity / Professionalism / Performance driven
  We have a philosophy of integrity, continuous improvement and professionalism. Our approach is to maximize value from available resources.
Reliable   Accountable / Ready / Trustworthy
  We take an uncompromising approach to safety and operational excellence and strive to be incident and injury free. We place importance on the reliability of our people which leads to the reliability of our processes and equipment, ensuring that our stakeholders can rely on us each and every time.
Caring   Responsible citizen / Compassion / Sincere
  All our stakeholders are part of our extended 'family'. We care genuinely about all stakeholders and the environment.