Strategy and core values
Vision, mission & strategy

Vision & mission


"We are a highly engaged Family, dedicated to providing sustained superior returns to our shareholders through industry leading safe and reliable operations, producing quality products that exceed customer expectations, in harmony with our communities and the environment."

Vision & mission


Our “One Family” culture provides the basis for everything we do, with an overall goal to “Set the Standard”, with a focus in the 3 key strategic intents outlined below.

People: Set the Standard in Thailand as the Employer of Choice

We focus on creating a unified “One Family” culture; we aim to be a highly engaged family with a strong sense of institutional belonging. Coupled with an energetic team spirit and a dedicated workforce, we emphasize competence, operational excellence, technical expertise and a caring family culture, which drives our safety, reliability and financial performance.

Operational Excellence: Set the Global Standard for Operational Excellence

We seek to be incident and injury free in all of our refinery’s operations. We are committed to safety and have implemented an incident and injury free program since 2005, which outlines a set of best practices revolving around the principles of reliability and safety. Our strong incident and injury free family culture has helped us to achieve an excellent safety record and an excellent reliability record. We strive to continuously improve our performances using the guidance from a refining business benchmarking service. Sustainable Development programs are also integrated to meet our environmental expectations as well as social development and financial performance expectations.

Stakeholders: Set the Asia Pacific Standard for Shareholder Return

With our commitment to Operational Excellence, providing safe and reliable operations with high utilization of our facilities, we can focus on optimizing our operations. We continuously drive for improved financial performance through our Bottom Line Improvement Program (BLIP) with focus on crude optimization, product slate optimization, process optimization, improved refinery reliability, cracker feed synergy, energy efficiency, oil loss reduction, people efficiency and waste elimination. The Program is intended to maximize our financial performance, resulting in high shareholder returns and dividend yields, whilst gaining their confidence for a long-term investment. To meet our shareholders’ expectations, we provide disclosure, transparency and good governance practices as part of our commitment to sustainability. We integrate our Sustainable Development program in an effort to meet our shareholder and communities expectation.